The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches

in Medicine

Contents 1.Purpose, 2.Activities, 3.Organization, 4.Annual Conference, 5.Guidance for Admission


The purpose of the Association is to strive for the study and education of the problems relating to Medicine, Medical Treatment, Philosophy, Ethics, and other Science, and to develop them and exchange views.


To achieve the above purpose, the Association will engage in the following activities.

2.1. Holding of an Annual Conference and meetings of an academic character.

2.2. Publishing the Journal of the Association and books.

2.3. Maintain friendly ties and cooperation with domestic and foreign academic bodies.

2.4. Giving Awards(The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Japan Prize)

2.5 Other activities recognized as appropriate, by the Board of directors.

Journal of the Association

™"Journal of Philosophy and Ethics in Health Care and Medicine" (in English)

"Igaku Tetsugaku Igaku Rinri" (in Japanese)

3.Organization of the Association

3.1. Officers

President Tetsuro SHIMIZU
Vice President Sinichiro MORINAGA
Director Shogo ASAMI, Koichiro ITAI, Shinko ICHINOHE, Izumi OTANI, Noriaki KATAGI, Kimiko KATSUYAMA, Osamu KANAMORI, Nobuo KURATA, Mitsuyasu KUROSU, Yasushi KOIDE, Motomu SHIMODA, Takashi NAGASHIMA, Akihiro FUJINO, Akihisa MATSUSHIMA, Akira MURAMATSU
Auditor Akira AKABAYASI, Yasushi IKEBE
Councilor Atsushi ASAI, Koichi ASAKURA, Tsuyoshi AWAYA, Kazuto INABA, Takaaki IWAKURA, Tadahiko EGURO, Toshikazu ENDO, Masayuki OBAYASHI, Takako OKINAGA, Kyoichi OZAKI, Naoko KOMATSU, Yoshiaki SHIMIZU, Masakazu Tanatsuku, Kyoko TAMURA, Masashi TSUBOI, Shigeo NAGAOKA, Manami NAGATA, Masatoshi NARA, Yimi NISHIMURA, Kenji HATTORI, Tadashi HAMADA, Seiji FUKUDA, Takao FUKUYAMA, Carl BECKER, Yutaka MARUHASHI, Kazuho MIYAKOSHI, Michio MIYASAKA, Hiroaki MIYASHITA, Mihoko MIYAWAKI, Kiyoshi MURAOAKA, Naoki MORISHITA

3.2. Committees

3.2.1. Committee of Operations

3.2.2. Committee of Education

3.2.3. Committee of Research

3.2.4. Committee of interior academic Exchange

3.2.5. Committee of international academic Exchange

3.2.6. Committee of Editors

4.Annual Conference

The annual Conference is held on the 5, 6. in November, 2011.

Next Autumn, Tokyo University organizes the 30th Conference.

The home page of the 30th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine : under construction

5.Guidance for Admission

5.1. To become a member,

5.1.1. please contact the Association at the address below. An application form may be obtained.

5.1.2. In addition, a recommendation from a current member is required.

5.2. After completing the form, please post the application to the Association at the address below.

5.3. It is necessary for new members to be confirmed by the Board of Directors.

5.4. Fees

5.4.1. Initial Fees 2000yen

5.4.2. Annual Fees 6000yen/year

5.4.3. The dues should be paid by postal money transfer.

Address of Head Office
C/o Shogo ASAMI, Sophia University, Kioi-cho 7-1, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-8554

Last updated : 17. February 2009
The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine